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Want to learn something new?
Want to hone your existing skills?
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One weekend each year, SCA members from across the Kingdom of Caid and others interested in recreating history gather to learn from each other. This weekend is packed with classes and workshops related to Ancient Rome, the Viking Era, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance.

This event is called Collegium Caidis. It offers SCA members an opportunity to teach, passing on the skills and knowledge they have learned. It also offers an opportunity for all students to learn. Many of the classes are geared towards beginners and welcome both those who are new to the Society and those who are learning new skills. Other classes are designed for more advanced students.

Are you interested in:
calligraphy & painting,
combat techniques,
dancing, or
spinning & weaving?

Great!! There are classes in all of these areas and many more.

How Will an Online Collegium Work?